Loans for your current business needs

At Local Bank, we understand that every loan is different. We’ll help you find the best one to suit your needs.

Business Loans

Types of business loans:


Local Bank is here to support the growth of your business through loans that will enable you to build a new facility or add to an existing one. Let us help you find a plan that works best for your needs!

Lines of Credit

Local Bank can provide you additional access to temporary working capital for seasonal cash flow through a line of credit. Get access to credit up to your limit by writing checks and having continuous credit access across monthly payments.

Commercial & Industrial

Local Bank offers short-term loans to companies looking to raise their working capital, as well as to meet heavy expenses and operational costs.

Land Development

A construction loan provides financing for for future construction or sale. Land development loans are not for residential and commercial construction, but instead include the creation or improvement of the land’s infrastructure, including power and water supply, plumbing, sewage, and more.

How to get started

What you'll need to apply:

Articles of incorporation with operating agreement and bylaws   

Two years corporate tax returns   

Two years personal tax returns on anyone with more than 20% ownership   

Personal financial statement   

Property deed or sales contract (if real estate property)   

Two years tax returns on any related entities   


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