Loans to suit your personal needs

At Local Bank, we understand that every loan is different. We’ll help you find the best one to suit your needs.

Personal loans

Our personal loan services include:


Local Bank is here to help you achieve your goals whether it’s home improvements, consolidating high-interest debt, or buying a new vehicle, so consider a home equity loan today!


Local Bank is here to give you the house of your dreams. Whether you want to build a house on a new lot or purchase land for an investment, we can offer you the perfect loan to fit your needs and budget.

Line of Credit

Local Bank can provide you with a personal line of credit, giving you the power to borrow up to your credit limit by merely writing a check. This is known as an open-ended line of credit. 


Local Bank is here to fulfill all your transportation needs. We are happy to provide you with an auto loan that has affordable and convenient payment options. 


Local Bank offers a range of mortgage loans to help make your dream a reality. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, we can help you find the perfect mortgage loan to suit your unique financial situation.

How to get started

What you'll need to apply:

Personal financial statements   

Verification of income ie. tax returns, W2, or paystub   

Description of collateral (if any)   

Consumer application   


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